Divinely Guided Collection



I am grateful and happy to introduce you to my Divinely Guided Collection.
The essential oil blends in this collection are designed and created with the intention of providing support to the general population during this
hectic and sometimes overwhelming journey we call life.
The first blend in this series is The StressRx Essential oils Blend. It was created in response to the high level of stress that most of us experience on a daily basis.
We are spiritual beings that live in a physical reality. Our souls are always striving to connect with the Divine Light. The stress that we experience oftentimes disconnects us from the divine guidance that our soul seeks continually. As such, the StressRx Blend was created with Divine Guidance wit the intention of assisting as many of us as possible. The response to the blend has been overwhelmingly positive.
As a result of the success of the StressRx Blend, I was asked to formulate an essential oiuls blend that would helps us to connect to the Divine Source of all that is easily and quickly. Once again, I asked for Divine Guidance and the SpiritRx Blend was born.
The SpiritRx Blend was created and debuted on December 15, 2016 at the InnerRx Institute God Factor Workshop taught by Dr. Gary Berman. Once again, the response was overwhelmingly positive.
ImmuneRx was designed to help us stay focused and strong during these chaotic times.
These blends are made in layers and in small batches. Please contact me if you would like to order any of these blends.