Here are two links to blogposts that have been written about my work:

RosAngel Perez, The Dancing Health Coach – “She is RosAngel”

Robbie Haden – “Me in a Little Bottle”

I am also honored to have received many recommendations from colleagues in my previous position. While many of them are not directly applicable to the field of Spiritual PhytoEssencing, they do paint a portrait of me and I am happy to share them with you. Below please find a couple of excerpts from those recommendations. To read additional comments, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

“In your professional life you have Bosses, Mentors, and Friends. Rarely are these three people rolled up into one. But in the case of Ruth, that’s exactly who she is. While working for Ruth, she consistently revealed herself to be a professional leader, nurturing mentor and a compassionate friend. Ruth will go to the ends of the earth to help someone succeed. In many ways my life was changed for the better the day I began to work for Ruth. Even though she has begun a new chapter in her professional life Ruth has made it a point to continue to be available to all of us whose life’s she has touched so deeply. I will always cherish the time that I spent working for such a wonderful Boss, Mentor, and Friend.” December 15, 2010Josh McLerran, Environmental Projects Coordinator, City of Cedar Hill, Texas

“Ruth is a very capable public policy administrator and an expert in the field of civil engineering. She augments her technical skill set with a genuine passion for the well-being of people and the community as a whole. Ruth is professional, resourceful, intuitive, and respectful. Ruth has a rare combination of skill sets that allow her to be uniquely suited to serve people and the community.” January 24, 2011Brad Tribble, P.E., Principal/Senior Vice President, Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc.