Personal Blend Design Consultation

Product Description

Soul Scents

When the “perception of fragrance” from your unique combination of essential oils is received by your soul, a spiritual connection occurs. This spiritual connection has the power to affect your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual well-being in a manner that is not tainted by the ego – since plants have no ego.

How do I know what oils to include?

After a 90 minute discussion that provides me with specific information about you, I will analyze Dr. Berkowsky’s repertory and research information to determine which essential oils uniquely match your personal information. My intent is to create an essential oil blend that will incorporate the nature of each essential oil as a reflection of your unique personality and essence. All information that I receive is confidential.

The consultation can be conducted either in person or by telephone or Skype.

How to obtain YOUR custom blend design:

  1. Complete the Client Information Form
  2. Schedule an interview/consultation.
  3. Your personal blend will me shipped to you via USPS. You will be provided with the list of essential oils which are included in your blend.

How much does YOUR custom blend cost:

The cost of the blend design consultation is $350 USD. Upon completion of the design consultation, you will receive a 5 ml sample of the designed blend (approximately 5 ml of essential oils) and approximately 30 ml of the custom blend essence which has been potentized per the SPE protocol. Note-shipping charges will apply. The cost of the blend design consultation includes a 15 minute, 3-month follow-up discussion via phone or Skype.

Cost: $350