Citrus limon

Lemon is an evergreen tree that can grow to a height of  between 10-20 feet and has fragrant white flowers. Lemon essential oil has a fresh, sweet, citrus aroma and is produced from the peel of the fruit. It’s juice is used in salads and for cooking. Historically, lemon essential oil has been used to perfume clothing and to freshen the air. In England, it is used in hospitals to treat depressed and fearful patients. Lemon essential oil is useful in strengthening the emotional state of such patients.

Practical Uses

  • It is cooling and purifying.
  • It’s calming, relaxing and promotes peaceful and restful sleep.
  • It lifts the mood, refreshes and revives..
  • Increases energy and mental clarity.
  • It is a disinfectant.
  • It soothes insect bites.


  • Apply in moderation.
  • May irritate the skin.
  • Is phototoxic – avoid direct exposure to sunlight for several hours after applying the oil on the skin.


E-Scentially Yours uses lemon essential oil that is cold pressed. It is sourced from Italy. The essential oil is obtained from the peel of the fruit.