Chamomile (roman)

chamomile-romanCHAMOMILE (ROMAN)
Anthemis noblis

Roman chamomile is a plant that grows to a height of approximately 1 ft. It has flowers that look like daisies.It is a plant that is native to Europe and Asia, but is cultivated in other areas, including the USA.

Chamomile has been utilized for thousands of years. It was used by the Greek physicians to treat female-related medical conditions and by the Egyptians as a pain and feverĀ  remedy. It is also one of the better known herbs for making tea, as it is used around the world as a popular herbal tea to relieve stress and improve digestion.

Practical Uses

  • Calms the nerves.
  • Healing to the skin, soothes insect bites
  • Improves digestion
  • Relaxes the mind and uplifts the mood
  • Promotes restful sleep
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Relieves female-related discomfort associated with the menstrual cycle


Roman Chamomile may cause skin sensitivities in some individuals.


E-Scentially Yours uses roman chamomile that is steam distilled. It is sourced from central England. The essential oil is obtained from the flowers.