Cedrus atlantica

Cedarwood is an evergreen tree that is native to Africa and can grow to a height of approximately 130-140 ft. It has needle-like leaves. The cedarwood tree can live 1000-2000 years. It was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming and perfumery. It’s wood is thought to be virtually indestructible and has been used to built King Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem (the grove of trees fro which the wood was obtained still exists on Mount Lebanon).

Practical Uses

  • It is added to shampoos to protect the hair and prevent hair loss.
  • It is cooling and calming and relieves anxiety and nervous tension.
  • It promotes restful sleep
  • It is used during meditation
  • It reduces pain and loosens tight muscles.
  • It’s an insect repellant.


Cedarwood oil should be avoided during pregnancy.


E-Scentially Yours uses cedarwood essential oil that is steam distilled. It is sourced from Morocco. The essential oil is wild harvested and is obtained from the wood .